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Thursday, May 01, 2014
By Aimee
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I have the most exciting news to share with you lovelies. I know I have been missing in action for over two weeks now however I have the best reason why. Your girl decided it was time to become official, Priscilla Ono held her Ono Beauty School intense class in New York last week and I jumped at the chance to attend.

If you do not know who Priscilla Ono is then we cannot be besties, but you should take some time out of your day to read up on her. Priscilla is an amazing soul; she is smart, talented and has a wonderful heart. Ms. Ono has worked with just about everyone from Paris Hilton to Amber Rose. I am so blessed to have been able to take her class and learn everything I could. Thanks to Priscilla (and my instructor Cyn) I have more confidence in my craft and I'm ready to take over the world.

I cannot describe how amazing the lessons where or how fabulous my classmates where. We came from all walks of life and from so many different cities. It was an experience I will treasure forever, not to mention all the new beauties I am stalking on IG now. I have made some amazing friendships thanks to this class.
Unfortunately my day one photos were lost due to an unfortunate iPhone software update (grrrrrr) but here are some photos I do have from my 4 day intense course.

On day two I had the pleasure of doing my friends makeup, this is my second attempt at a full face:

I was pretty hyped after this... because it does not look like she has anything on. I beat this face senseless.  The eyebrows are a bit dark but only because they ran out of the color I needed. Michelle did my makeup and honestly the girl has some skills too. I was totally feeling this lipstick on me, and we declared it #Selfie Friday after these looks.

On the third day we were given the task of creating a smoky eye. Which was by far the most difficult thing I have ever had to do, what do you think of my job?

Man I patted myself on the back so hard for this one. I was so proud of how well it came out I couldn't wait to show Priscilla! I made her take a picture too :)

She's so gorgeous! I wish I could follow her around and just live off her positive aura. I know I completely kicked ass on that smoky eye but on our third day I lost my favorite instructor, who loved to yell at me to "get in there!" Cyn was inspirational and I loved how she told it like it is. Every time she came over to my station I learned and improved. She is amazing, and I know I will meet up with her again. I'm stalking her on IG so she's not really going to be able to completely rid herself of my presence :) !!

The fourth day of class meant it was time for our final was thankfully I was spared and didn't need to recreate another smoky eye.  The look we had learned on the first day was our assignment. I lucked out big time for the final we had a one hour time limit. There was no way I could get under that time to pass.

The "bridal" look we were given I was able to complete with time to spare for touch ups. 



I am so proud of myself.  During my one on one meeting with Priscilla after my final she told me I need to have more confidence because with my skills I can start freelancing immediately.

You don't understand the surge of pride you feel when your idol tells you that you have talent, that you can do something amazing. I practically cried on the spot, I gave her a massive hug and walked away like I just won every award on the planet. After everyone was done we celebrated at the Nars boutique where everyone grabbed Priscilla to take the obligatory certificate photo: 

Thank you Priscilla Ono, Thank you Ono Beauty Team, Cyn and Cici even David who registered me. I am on a path to greatness because you believed in. You armed me with the skills and confidence I need to move forward with my passion. For that I am eternally grateful.

With love and respect,


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Stephanie rivas - Hi! My name is Stephanie and I'm actually thinking about taking her 4 day intensive class. I'm debating on whether to take this course or the makeupforever 1 week course . So confused lol. Would you say Priscilla ono's class is pretty hands on? Hope to hear back from u soon.
Pooja - These look beautiful! Especially the Day 3 pics!!! And Michelle of course
Michelle - Ha! Thats me...lol but not seriously I totally agree with everything you said. Amazing 4 days of our lives, and it very true that you walk away so much more confident that ever! When someone like Priscilla tells you that you can do something you never thought you could - its as if your dreaming! I am VERY proud of you and what your future holds my lovely Aimee. The sky is the limit for you and if you dont seriously persue this i will personally kick your butt! I love you and so so so very proud of you!

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