Product Review: Old Factory Candles
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Sunday, November 30, 2014
By Aimee
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*This review was made possible by a sample received through BlogDash from Old Factory, all opinions are my own*

Every single person that knows me knows I have a need for candles in my house. The scents effect my mood as well as the atmosphere I want for my home. It also helps tremendously during the colder months when I am dealing with my seasonal affected disorder.  When Old Factory reached out to me to sample their Vacation candle set I jumped at the chance. The weather is getting colder and I starting to feel the pains of being stuck inside. It has been super messy and cold in New York I needed the aromatherapy asap.

Old Factory - Vacation Candle Set - $25

Thanks to my Amazon prime account I scored my vacation set with free two day shipping. I received my candles right before a rain storm in New York, I could not have timed it better.  In my three piece set arrived Sea Breeze, Hawaiian Lei and Awapuhi. I looked at their other options but this one suits my needs best. Each candle in the three pack compliments the next one. You can burn them one at a time to enjoy that one fragrance or burn them altogether for an amazing scent experience.

Old Factory hand pours their soy based products, which I admire. Wax candles bother my allergies giving me a headache when they burn so it's very pleasant using these soy ones instead. I appreciated the no smoke part too, once I turned off the candle the beautiful vacation minded scents remained behind instead of that horrible burnt stench left behind with wax candles. 

My favorite of the three was definitely Sea Breeze, which reminded me of sitting at the private beach in St. Thomas having a drink while I soaked in the sun that bounced off the crystal blue waves. It is a magical candle that instantly eases my mind, calms my spirit and transports my soul I could not have wished for more in a candle.

The only cons I can think of with these candles is how small the containers are and which scent package to chose next. I promised the husband we will get man cave for him to test out. A leather scented candle should be rather interesting. 

Have you tried Old Factory Candles? What do you think?

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