Product Review: Perfect Brows
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Sunday, December 06, 2015
By Aimee
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*Thanks to Tomoson and Green Touch Beauty I received this product free of charge for my honest review. All opinions/reviews are my own*
Perfect Brows - Green Touch Beauty - $28.50

It is amazing to me how obsessed we have become with eyebrows. Let us face it, they are important and there is nothing worse on this planet then walking around with some jacked up eyebrows. I received many compliments both on my brows and the brows I give to my clients. I love this bold brows, they give your face a more youthful appearance. 

Perfect Brows - Green Touch Beauty - $28.50

Not everyone is able to have gorgeous brows naturally. When I first moved to New Jersey I had gorgeous thick eyebrows that had the perfect arch. I adored my brows. Being lazy and late getting ready for a night out with my husband I ran into a nail salon to get my masterpiece brows cleaned out. Now maybe it was because I was in a new state and had spanish harlem written across my forehead but cleaned out did not mean the same thing to this woman. After expressing to her that I do not want her to over do it just please clean out the stray hairs. She kept shaking her head yes and I tried to have faith. I laid there and kept saying dude this seems like a long time to get brows cleaned out. It didn't matter what I said because they are honestly going to do whatever they want to your brows. When she finally handed me the mirror I was shocked and angry. I lost half of my glorious brows. I was given the obnoxious look of super thin and super high eye brows. I had a semi-permenant look of surprise.  After was took years and years my eye brows are still no where near what they used to be. Thank G*d for brow pencils and powder. 

I have been looking for some time for a product that will bring my brows back to their former glory. Enter Perfect Brows by Green Touch Beauty.  Perfect Brows is a balm that has a waxy texture and a lightweight density that is super convenient to use. 

Perfect Brows - Green Touch Beauty - $28.50

Perfect Brows is a multitasking growing and styling balm that will visually improve the look of brows.  I picked up the tinted formula which gives my brows that nice darker shine. The original formula keeps your brows their natural color. 

Perfect Brows - Green Touch Beauty - $28.50


Perfect Brows - Green Touch Beauty - $28.50

Perfect Brows by Green Touch Beauty is a botanical product that makes the brows look so well groomed and healthy, all while treating them. The Perfect Brow pomade is said to improve the density of your existing eyebrows. I have been applying the product as a finisher to my eyebrow routine, but I have only been using it for 14 days. Personally I do not think that is enough time to really test drive this product but a deadline is a deadline. 

Basically I apply my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz pencil and over that I apply the Perfect Brows pomade with a stiff bristled angled brush. If you are following me on Instagram then you have noticed how polished my brows have been looking. 

I am really hopeful this product will be able to regrow my thin and sparse brows.  According to the website: PLEASE NOTE: it takes time to see new brow hair growth. This is because healthy hair follicles need to rest up to 4 months before cells start dividing again and new hairs begin to grow. One of the common issues with over-plucked eyebrows, is that hair follicles are usually severally damaged and can take up to 6 months for hair strands to start growing back. PERFECT BROWS formula works to stimulate eyebrow hairs to grow sooner, but it will still take at least 2 months to see any new hair growth.

I am going to come back to this product in two months and will give an updated review then. Until then, have you tried Perfect Brows by Green Touch Beauty? What did you think of the product? 

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