Product Review: Salon Giojé Keratin Protein Hair Mask
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Sunday, December 06, 2015
By Aimee
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*Thanks to Tomoson and Salon Giojé I received this product free of charge for my honest opinion, All reviews/opinions are my own.


Keratin Protein Mask - Salon Giojé - 1oz $10.99

So I finally got my mop trimmed and now I need to bring her back to life. I have been on the hunt for a hair mask that will bring some life into my mop. I have been laying off coloring because of how damaged my hair has been so I cannot in good faith start coloring again until I know my hair is healthy again.

What grabbed my attention with the Salon Giojé Protein Mask is that fact that it is filled with natural keratin which helps restore the hair and infuse some mega watt shine.  The mask also contains amino acids, proteins and essential minerals that improve elasticity and hair strength over time.

Keratin Protein Mask - Salon Giojé - 1oz $10.99

The natural keratin is sourced responsibly from pure New Zealand wool. It comes from organically farmed sheep and only shaved in the beginning of summer so the sheep have time to grow their fuzz back and will not suffer during the winter. Once the natural keratin is extracted from their wool, Salon Giojé ships it to their facilities in the Dominican Republic. Where the manufacturing of these products have been a source of local employment not only for the people in the Dominican Republic but also for the people of Haiti. In this way the brand is hoping to not only heal your hair but also a sociopolitical issue that is affecting both beautiful countries.

Keratin Protein Mask - Salon Giojé - 1oz $10.99

I have wavy hair that gets as frizzy as it can be. I have been using this product for two weeks and have already purchased the larger size jar. It has healed my broken split ends without weighing down my hair. The Salon Giojé mask has reversed damage so my hair looks so much healthier. The shine has been a wonderful added perk. My daughter has super curly hair and I would love to see how this product works for her which is another reason why I ordered the larger one.

Keratin Protein Mask - Salon Giojé - 1oz $10.99

The bottom line is I would recommend this mask time and time again. It has really been an amazing product that I am thankful to have tried. If you want to see how gorgeous my hair looks now you only need to stop by my Instagram page to see.

Have you tried the Salon Giojé Keratin Protein Mask? What did you think, sound off in the comments below.

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