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Monday, July 27, 2015
By Aimee
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*The post is sponsored by iFabbo Shop and Luna, all reviews/opinions are my own*
Luna by Foreo - Normal/Sensitive Skin - $199

Thanks to the iFabbo shops I was able to score one of the most sought after gadgets the Luna by Foreo. The hype surrounding this product has been massive. Luna is every where used by every one. While I am usually the one to go against the tide the call of this glorious pink device called to me. Luna by Foreo is that product that if you do not purchase it when you have the chance you will be haunted by it.

Luna by Foreo - Normal/Sensitive Skin - $199

About five years ago my husband bought me a Clarisonic Mia (an anniversary present, I just had to have) and I loved her dearly. She was used three times a week but the cost of maintaining her has started become  more than I expected it to be. Those replacement brush heads are pricey. Anyone can tell you I am a huge germaphobe, the Mia gives me a bit of anxiety. I was constantly taking off the brush head so I can clean the gook that always seemed to pile up behind the brush, to me it looked like a cesspool of germs. After cleaning I would take the extra step to wipe everything down with my 99% alcohol. I did love my Mia, she was a gift that was functional, but she was giving me loads of germ stress and costing extra money I couldn't afford to dish out now that I am house poor. :/

I jumped at the opportunity to purchase Luna by Foreo in the iFabbo shops. I heard great things about this device, it was meant to be. Luna was my unicorn and I knew she would be mine. Rather quickly after ordering from iFabbo there she was being delivered to my door. I received the box like a birthday present but was rather disappointed by the tiny box that arrived. In my imagination she should have been accompanied by a marching band and hand delivered by Mr. President himself in a huge pink box that showered me with glitter upon arrival.

In any case I am pretty sure the box glowed gold when I got her in my hands. I ran to my office like the Grinch with the Christmas who ham. The moment I opened that box I knew it was meant to be.

Luna by Foreo - Normal/Sensitive Skin - $199

Luna is small but I love her, she is an all encompassing product, there are no extra parts other than her charging cord. She's compact, pink and beautiful. I immediately plugged her in to charge and stared. I had to wait about an hour before he glorious white light shined bright like a diamond signaling she was ready for use. I ran upstairs and grabbed my Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser and locked myself in the bathroom.

Luna by Foreo is dual sided:

Luna by Foreo - Normal/Sensitive Skin - $199
Luna by Foreo - Normal/Sensitive Skin - $199

Once inside my quiet bathroom alone with my Luna.  I removed all my makeup and applied my cleanser. Luna has a smooth soft silicone brush that I can use daily. It's also nonporous so I don't have to worry about a bacteria build up since 35x more hygienic then a standard sonic-cleansing brush. I simply remove all the left over gook by rinsing with warm water and I am good to go for next time. The vibration takes a bit getting used to but once I was able to figure out the buttons to control the strength of the vibration I loved it.

Luna by Foreo - Normal/Sensitive Skin - $199

Luna by Foreo also features t-sonic technology which means pulsations can reach up to 8K per minute paired with the soft touch points they work to gently unclog pores of 99.5% of dirt and oil, and 98.5% of makeup residue. That is what I call clean, I have noticed in the weeks I have been using this product my skin stays more matte than it did with Mia. Meaning my t-zone has been acting pretty normal since I've been using this gorgeous device.

Since I have extremely sensitive skin I started using this product just once a day at night and I have seen results. My skin looks brighter and is much cleaner. My T-Zone is less oily and stays shine free for a longer period of time. I have even noticed I am breaking out less often.  Every review I have ever read for Luna by Foreo is spot on. This device is definitely a must have for anyone. I am so in love with my Luna I cannot imagine using anything else.

Have you tried Luna by Foreo? What did you think? How about any other Foreo products?

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