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Monday, September 15, 2014
By Aimee
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As a makeup artist?beauty blogger I am constantly bombarded with tons of beauty information from so many different places. My inbox is always full of new information and it's getting overwhelming try to follow and stay up to date on the latest and the greatest. 

To stay ahead of the curve I recently joined Pampadour. Pampadour gives users the opportunity to discover, capture and share everything from new products to tutorials and discussions - all in one place. On Pampadour, we have access to the full spectrum of beauty products, from color cosmetics to skincare to beauty tools and more. with one click you can store all of your beauty products (plus, the ones you want to try) to your profile, so you'll never forget that perfect shade again. This has been amazing for me as a makeup artist keeping track of foundations for clients can get crazy. I am able to store and note everything I want to purchase again. 

You can spend countless hours browsing the Pampadour feed to discover up-to-the-minute beauty news, reviews, how-to's, looks and more. You may think this sounds like a few other sites but Pampadour's innovative features set the site apart as a beauty experience unlike any other. Pampadour's unique live forum enables users to ask beauty questions and receive unbiased advice and product recommendations. Pamp, or share, a newly discovered product with your friends. Save that tutorial you can't get out of your head. Search the vast product database to 'tag' photos or videos you've uploaded with the products used to create or get the look. Start a beauty discussion with their diverse community, consisting of bloggers, makeup artists, brands and beauty enthusiasts! They even have a unique feature of attaching products to comments  to enable users to have immediate access to the product that has been recommended to them.

On Pampadour, everyone can be a beauty critic and have a voice. They actually encourage genuine recommendations and unbiased opinions to create an accurate and reliable social shopping experience, you will see up to date opinions of products you were unsure of buying. I love the honesty of the users on this site. 



Pampadour was founded by Jennifer Hakimian, a self-declared beauty junkie. Jennifer was looking for a place where she could share her beauty wisdom. "I am not a makeup artist or a professional stylist, though I started getting personal requests from friends asking for makeup recommendations", she says"I realized that few of my friends had the patience or the know-how to sort through endless products and that sharing beauty knowledge could be easier and more dynamic with a social platform completely devoted to beauty.” Together with am energized team of engineers, editors, and strategists, Pampadour came to life. Jennifer is an amazing down to earth person who put together a top notch site that works well for everyone that uses it. All users are on the same playing field learning and growing with each other. 

Super cool to know that the Pampadour blog, ( showcases interviews with industry insiders and editorials curated by the Pampadour team. Features include beauty adventures, product reviews, beauty news and clips from the ones who inspire us. It's always worth checking out on a weekly basis.

so what are you waiting for?

As an incentive for joining now is giving away the gorgeous Lorac Pro 2 Palette, if you ask me that's more than enough reason to get over there now and set up an account. Come find me!

Website: @pampadour See you there, 

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