Product Review: Aveda Smooth Infusion System
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Thursday, September 25, 2014
By Aimee
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Disclosure: I received complimentary products from SheSpeaks and Aveda for review purposes. All opinions are my own formed through personal testing of the product for over a week, results may vary.

I was super lucky to be chosen by Aveda and SheSpeaks to participate in their Aveda Naturally Straight Program.  Once accepted I was sent press samples of the new Smooth Infusion™ Naturally Straight – Aveda’s innovative styling cremé that progressively loosens curls every time you use it. I have a love/hate relationships with products that make such claims. I love them instantly for the promises they make then hate them immediately when they don't deliver.

My hair can be best described as wavy hair that can get a pretty good curl when I put in enough product.  Even with all that product the results vary. All I have ever really want is hair that is frizz free, shiny and gorgeous. At my age though I know enough to say I have put my hair through some serious abuse. I color my hair constantly; every color under the sun from bleach blonde to blackest blue. On top of coloring we add in the hours upon hours of flat iron use. Mix in products on top of all that and you have one bad hair cocktail on your hands. So it's understandable that most products are not going to work on this beast of hair.

My hair is looks very thin but there is a bunch of hair in there, it takes me about an hour and a half to fight through my hair and come out with nice straight hair. This is my hair before starting treatment:

and this is my hair today:

Have you seen a straighter ponytail? Mind you this is a full 4 days after straightening with a flat iron. That's not even the best part. The new Smooth Infusion System cuts down on heat styling time as well. Can you believe it only took me 45 minutes to straighten my hair!

I also love that this system is not a chemical based product. The ingredients are plant derived, it is a more natural option for cleansing and styling my hair. Direct from

  • As you blow-dry your hair, plant-derived fibers help create a locking layer to help hold your hair straight, day after day*

*After 5 consecutive applications of naturally straight, hair will stay straight for up to 3 washes.

  • Organic cassava root helps form a barrier against intense humidity to help you forget about frizz

This system is completely amazing. I love how clean my hair feels after I wash it and how soft it is since I started using it. Everyone at work wants to know my secret. Of course I am happy to share with everyone.

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Has anyone else tried the Smooth Infusion System? What are your thoughts?

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