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Friday, July 11, 2014
By Aimee
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I am on a real quest to change my body the natural way. In addition to wanting nicer nails I am on a mission to grow my hair as well. I want luxurious Kim Kardashian locks and I don't want to deal with the hassle of extensions on a daily basis.

I started using Biotin pills, but the results are so slow going. I had been taking the pills for two months and saw almost no difference in my hair quality. I was pretty disappointed. After voicing my displeasure with the progress when using Biotin I received a package in the mail that looked really promising.

glow by Vitamin Bubbles - $3.89 one tube

These are not your average vitamins, glow by Vitamin Bubbles are the newest and most effective way to take your vitamins. Vitamin Bubbles are very similar to gushers, a chewable outer shell and a liquid center. I received glow which are directed at skin, hair and nails. The flavor is Acai Blueberry (blueberry vitamin liquid and Acai chewable shell). Each bubble contains biotin, antioxidants and multivitamins. While I enjoy the chewable shell I am not a huge fan of the blueberry center, but blueberry is not my favorite berry anyway.

The difference between these vitamins bubbles and traditional multivitamins is the immediate absorption of the goods. The nutrients inside the bubbles are immediately absorbed once you burst them. Regular vitamins contain binders and fillers that are not needed by the body and are useless.

glow by Vitamin Bubbles - $3.89 one tube

Other benefits include renewing collagen formation, tighter brighter skin and free radical protection. You can check out the website for all the details on those benefits. For me the one benefit I actually cared about was the luscious hair. I want shiny healthy locks and that is what I am getting.

Glow Vitamin Bubbles contain this advanced formula that features a blend of inositol. biotin and omega-6 fatty acids that act to reduce hormones that cause hair thinning while promoting natural hair health. It's fancy talk for shiny thick healthy hair.

I have seen a difference in the shine of my hair, and the overall health. I am going in for my six week trim soon and I cannot wait for my hairdresser to comment on the quality of my locks. Directions on the bottle say you should take one bubble three times a day but I have only been doing it once in the morning and once at night right before bed and I am seeing a difference.

Has anyone else tried glow Vitamin Bubbles or any of the other Vitamin Bubbles, what did you think?

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Aimee - Hey Guys, you can actually snag these on their website or on Amazon

which is where I reorder mine :)
teeto - Please where can I find this
Key - I want to try these, where can i find them? Are they sold in stores?
Adrienne M - I would have NEVER tried these if I saw them in the store!! Are they available here in NYC or do I have to order them online? Thanks!

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