Product Review: Kenra Professional Snail CC Creme
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Friday, October 28, 2016
By Aimee Aviles, dBeauty Junkie
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Thanks to the wonderful people from Kenra Professional Platinum and Brandbacker I received a sample of the new Kenra Platinum Snail CC Crème and I have not been this obsessed with my hair in a long time.

As a makeup artist and beauty blogger I am constantly trying out new things, but when it comes to my hair I have not found anything worth writing about in a long time. Then Kenra walked into my life, my dry brittle straw has become shining glorious brown locks and I could not be happier.

This is the fastest growing anti-aging Korean beauty secret, Snail Essence, can now be applied to hair. NEW Kenra Platinum Snail CC Creme is the 1st professional hair care product infused with Snail Essence, a highly concentrated blend of proteins proven to awaken the youth in hair. This luxurious 10-in-1 corrective creme weightlessly restores and prolongs youth by fighting all 10 signs of aging hair. Now you can have the best anti-aging care for your hair.

Product features & benefits:

- Boosts shine
- Increases thickness
- Reduces breakage
- Tames frizz & flyaways
- Hydrates hair
- Improves elasticity
- Relieves scalp irritation
- Increases manageability
- Decreases coarseness for noticeably softer strands
- Provides heat protection
- Paraben and sulfate free
- For all hair types

Now if this sounds familiar it's because this is the same product that Kim Kardashian West's hair stylist Michael Silva who used this product as a primer for her VMA's 2016 wet look. I am no where near as creative as Mr. Silva when it comes to my hair but lets be really honest Kim has some great hair. It's always shiny and very healthy looking. Of course I am going to want to try what she is using. I jumped at the chance to review this product and I am so SO glad I did.

I recently colored my hair a darker brown after doing some harsh color experimenting over the summer and you can tell from the photo below how damaged it looked prior to using the product. I washed my hair with my normal product and towel dried then applied a small amount all over. After massaging into every strand I could get my hands on I blew dry my hair. To give you a real comparison I took a photo of my hair from a few days prior with no  product in it at all then took another one this morning.

Insane right?! I plan on checking out the rest of the line and see what other magical products they carry. In the meantime the only place you can pick up the Snail CC Crème is at Ulta

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