Product Review: KoiTechnologies Bluetooth Selfie Stick
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Friday, August 21, 2015
By Aimee
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Thanks to Tomoson, I received a deep discount to give an honest review of the KoiTechnologies Selfie Stick.

KoiTechnologies Selfie Stick - $19.99


I have been craving a selfie stick for ages now but couldn't figure out which I should try out. As a beauty blogger/freelance makeup artist taking selfies of myself and my work is a huge part of my marketing. I didn't want to just get any selfie stick, after reading reviews on Amazon I found the KoiTechnologies brand would suit my needs better than any other on the market.

The KoiTechnologies Selfie Scope 4-in-1 Bluetooth Handheld Selfie Stick is compatible with any bluetooth enabled smart phone. There is also a LED torch flashlight in the handle and a 2200mAh Power Bank. I appreciated this model also includes a 1/4' screw to fit most cameras.  On the handle you will find the shutter button, the on/off button, plus the power banks output/input dock.

When you receive the package there is some assembly required but nothing overly complicated, I use my KoiTechnologies Selfie Stick with my iPhone 6+ which fit extremely well. Most selfie sticks are not able to handle the size of my phone. The extender works smoothly and gives you the perfect angle for photos. I even used this product with my Canon t3 for some fun photos, but I think the KoiTechnologies Selfie Stick would work much better with a smaller model camera, mine is just a bit to heavy to use with this selfie stick regularly. There is the ability to "lock" the extendable stick which gives you a nice sturdy feel when using the product with your phone.

KoiTechnologies Selfie Stick - $19.99

Pairing the device was pretty simple (the product includes a user guide), I charged the product for an hour or so then paired it with my iPhone 6+.It's very simple to use and takes some great photos with it's longer than average extension. Plus having the extra battery to charge my phone later came in handy. Having the selfie stick meant I took way more photos throughout the day and I drained my battery fairly quickly it was nice to have that extra pop of juice to keep going. I really liked how easily you can take off the handle and use it as a "remote" for your phone. I was able to leave my phone in odd places and get some fabulous different angles for my photo shoots.

Overall this is a great product and I'm so glad I was able to try this one out.

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