Product Review: Maybelline and Japonesque
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016
By Aimee A, dBeauty Junkie
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If you follow me on Instagram or SnapChat you know that I have been lusting over the Maybelline Graffiti Nudes palette since my mentor Cyn Salgado worked with it for a Maybelline shoot. However no amount of searching could produce this palette. Enter Behrman PR for graciously providing me with a PR Sample of the Maybeline Palette and the Japonesque Champagne Collection Finishing Powder. I am so lucky I was able to receive these gorgeous products for the blog.

I must admit I am very in love with this palette, it has so much versatility. You can make some gorgeous every day looks but this is the Halloween season. I get a lot of emails and messages asking how you can use palettes you already own to create fun makeup looks. let's be honest those specialized Halloween makeup kits can be really pricey and you are only using them the once. So being a complete Halloween addict I instantly thought of two looks I could create to show you guys how this palette can be used for some fun looks as well as everyday/going out looks.

Again if you follow on Social Media on Monday I posted the first look with was a very simple vampire look :) and because I love my readers you guys get to see the second look before anyone else.

I really enjoyed using the Graffiti nudes palette the colors really blendable and worked so well together. This was a great palette to use to create these Halloween looks and I can't wait to use them for every day makeup. My only issue is that the colors were not as opaque as I wanted them to be. They are pretty soft so to achieve maximum color impact for these looks I used a mixing medium and it gave me some nice color pay off.

In addition to the Maybelline Graffiti Nudes Palette I used the Japoneque Champagne Collection Finishing Powder to set the looks. I adore this powder it gave me such an ethereal glow that was truly lost in the photos. It set the makeup so beautifully this while end up being my go to finishing powder. I will be buying a couple more asap before this one is all gone.

Bottom line I received some really good products in this PR package, products I would have absolutely purchased myself had I been able to find them. I will be purchasing the Japonesque finishing powder on my own from Ulta for my kit and an additional one for myself :)

Have you guys tried these products? what were your thoughts?

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