Product Review: My Lucky Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl #MyLuckyPets
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015
By Aimee
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*Thanks so Tomoson and Jaguar Products I received this product free of charge for my honest review, all opinions/reviews are my own*
My Lucky Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl - $17.95 Amazon

I have two toy Yorkies, on the left is Gabe the baby and on the right is Gryphen (our middle child, I have an daughter)

These to beasts weigh a whopping 12 pounds together, however they eat like a 90 pound lab that was left without food for an entire day. They devour their food, then they end up burping and farting for the entire night because they inhaled so much air with their meal.

This started to worry me a bit, I heard bloat can be fatal. I could not live with myself knowing I could have prevented something horribly by simply changing their bowl. I jumped at the chance to try out this slow feeder on my boys. I wasn't really sure what size to get for them since they usually eat together. I opted for the bigger size since they do share and this would make feeding time a bit easier for me.

Dinner for the boys consists of 1oz of unseasoned protein with one scoop of crunchies. As you can see from the photo above we spread out the food trying to concentrate the good parts in the middle of the bowl.

as you can see they specialize in synchronized eating. Overall the bowl is pretty good, it slowed them down tremendously. They usually devour their food in under a minute here it took them about a minute and a half. My only complaint is the sides of the bowl are not high enough to keep the food in the container. My boys can be pretty messy when they are moving the crunchies around so they can get to the meat so I was hoping the sides would be of a good height to keep most of the mess in. 

Also the the bowl as a whole is pretty thin and floppy. If you are filling the bowl on the counter you have to be careful when grabbing the bowl to set it down. It's not a thick hard material so you need to grasp the sides so the food doesn't go tumbling off the plate. 

Besides those points I think the bowl is decent, my boys ate from it no problem and it absolutely slowed down their eating. Have you tried the My Lucky Pets silicone feeding bowl? What did you think? 

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Jennifer - Your boys are too cute! I love this idea. Although, my dogs eat slow as it is, I may have to recommend this to my mother. Is that the biggest size? Her dogs are pretty big.

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