Product Review: Private Label Extensions Mink Lashes
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Saturday, February 25, 2017
By Aimee Aviles
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Thanks to the wonderful people over at Private Label Extensions for sending over two pairs of their 3D mink lashes for me to try out. I instantly fell in love with their huge selection of lashes, there is literally a lash for everyone. Private Label Extensions is an Atlanta based hair and mink lash supplier that works with clients to build their own brands. Honestly I may need to brand a pair of these and starting selling them myself.  

My two favorites are Lola and Eden so the second these babies arrived I had to create some looks to showcase these gorgeous babies. The quality is phenomenal with tightly packed hairs on a thick band. I do not have much experience in the mink lash department but I am a huge fan of lashes. I love how a gorgeous pair of lashes can really change the look of your makeup. Something subtle can become glamorous with just the simple addition of a beautiful pair of well crafted lashes. These are some of the best lashes I have used. Please know these are on the heavier side so someone who does not normally wear lashes will find these uncomfortable, if you wear lashes often these would be a perfect addition to your collection. Yes these are real fur lashes, and it can be a little weird, however mink lashes are insanely soft, curly and give maximum volume while still looking very natural. 

I received Lola which is a double layered 3D mink strip lash that fans out into a nice wing at the end; and Eden which is a triple layered 3D strip lash that is basically all one length and superbly full of the best volume on the market. 


These are applied in the same manner as all strip lashes, I used my duo glue made sure the glue became slightly tacky and applied a long the lash line. I created two different looks for these lashes so here are some lovely detailed photos below. Be warned this is a very photo heavy post. 

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