Product Review: Probelle Touch N' Grow Duo
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Thursday, July 10, 2014
By Aimee
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As a blogger and makeup artist my hands are my tools, and needless to say I'm constantly abusing them. They were not fabulous to begin with. My nails are so brittle they peel, I never understood why. My mom has gorgeous long thick nails, guess the gene skipped me. Normally I hide my horrible nails under acrylic tips and gel manicures however once I remove them my nails are even worse than before. It's a horrible cycle.

I have tried every product I have come across to strengthen my nails and I have varying degrees of success. I am always excited to try new nail products in the hopes of having gorgeous long healthy nails. A couple of weeks ago Probelle Touch N' Grow Duo landed in my mailbox.

Probelle Touch N' Grow Duo $26

According the website:

Probelle Touch N' Grow DUO includes Touch N' Grow and Touch N Grow PLUS. 

Touch N' Grow nail hardener will cure, repair, and restore damaged nails. The formula itself has proven to prevent and correct thin nails that are breaking and cracking by forming a protective barrier on the nail. After using the nail hardener for 2-4 weeks the treatment can be continued with the nail hardener and the nails will continue to grow healthy. We recommend to continue the treatment with Touch N' Grow PLUS to maintain healthy nails.  With special elements extracted from garlic, not only does this amazing formula harden and grow the nail, it also protects against fungus.  Along with Garlic, Lime is a key additive to maintain hardness and growth while restoring the whiteness of the nail. 

With regular manicure use your nails will continue to grow and maintain a healthy state.

I could not wait to try this duo, for the past two weeks I have been using the Touch N' Grow Plus (Lime and Garlic) exclusively. I have seen slight growth which should increase now and I have seen a tremendous increase in nail strength. Usually when my nails grow a fraction of millimeter they instantly break after a good day on the computer. I haven't had one break while working. 

Probelle Touch N' Grow Duo $26

This is a daily regimen but you should see results if you stick with it. I apply the product every morning before work. With other hardeners I have had an issue with that slight burn/tingle feeling when applied. I have had no such issue with Probelle. The smell is a bit strong but it fades pretty quickly as the nail dries. My nails feel so much stronger and look so much healthier I do not feel the need to hide them anymore. This is probably the first summer I have kept my hands devoid of color and I like it. 

Probelle Touch N' Grow Duo $26

I know the price tag may seem high for some but it is well worth the price and the time you need to put into this product. I have tried many nail strengtheners and this is the only product I will endorse. If you can give it 2-3 weeks of your dedicated daily usage you will see results. 

Thank you so much to the Probelle team for sending over this fantastic product for me to try. It has really done wonders for me; you now have a faithful costumer here. Has anyone else tried Probelle Touch N' Grow products?



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Dana W - The price is definitely high but if it works then it really doesn't matter to me. I'm on a hunt to find this product today, I need it in my life, I have a wedding in a few months and I want my nails to be purdy! Thank you!!!

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