Product Review: REACH Complete Care Toothbrush
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Monday, August 25, 2014
By Aimee
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This  year I have been taking my health seriously. I've made appointments for my physical, saw a nutritionist and now I am working on my dental health. After all you can't be a successful beauty blogger with a jacked up mouth. I was so honored when REACH sent me an email to test out their new REACH Complete Care Toothbrushes.

Why is a toothbrush so special you ask, well REACH just released the first major innovation in toothbrush design in recent memory. Each brush has an angled neck to help access hard to reach places of the mouth, and a nice big grip to ensure excellent control. I received two different designs:

The Triple Angle Pro which has a multi-level diamond bristles for a total mouth clean and a prominent REACH tip with bi-level bristles.


The Triple Angle Floss which boasts 100% interdental tapered bristles to better clean between teeth and a firm deep-cleaning REACH tip with spiral bristles.

REACH Triple Angle Pro
REACH Triple Angle Pro

Of course I went with the Triple Angle Pro brush to begin on my road to better oral hygiene. I have a small mouth so it's very difficult to get to the back teeth to make sure they are completely clean. Using the Triple Angle Pro I am able to get into all the the nooks and crannies in my mouth to get a fresh from the dentist clean. There is nothing I love more than that super fresh clean. I'm so glad they sent over these brushes I cannot wait to try the REACH Angle Floss next.

Has anyone else tried any of the new REACH brushes? What do you think of the new designs?

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