Product Review: Thin Botanicals Body Wrap
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Thursday, December 03, 2015
By Aimee
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*Thanks to Tomoson and Thin Botanicals I received this product free of charge for my honest review,  All opinions/reviews are my own*
Thin Botanicals - Body Wraps for Weight Loss - $39.99 

Let me start this post by saying I am round. I have been round for many years because of the massive amounts of hormones I took trying to get pregnant. After my pregnancy miscarriage at 18 weeks I just did not have the desire to work out anymore. Being round is a shape I was happy with. Until recently, I looked in the mirror while straightening my hair and noticed I no longer had a chin and my stomach consisted of three rolls. When did I get this big?

Once we bought the house my commute included a half mile walk to the train, I was not happy about the walk but welcomed the exercise. I am eating slightly better once in a while and I'm doing all that walking. However even with all those changes I'm not seeing any movement on the belt when it comes to my stomach. Everyone on instagram has been obsessed with wraps and the before and after photos have been impressed even me. I wanted to try them badly, enter Tomoson and Thin Botanicals.

Thin Botanicals - Body Wraps for Weight Loss - $39.99 

I read a ton of reviews on this product on amazon and other bloggers so I was pretty excited to be chosen to try these out. According to the packaging this is an all natural patch that is coated in plant extracts and natural herbs. I was stoked when the package arrived but very unimpressed with the product. I thought wraps were supposed to go around the entire midsection. These particular patches only cover the stomach area around the belly button.  I have a lot of stomach so for me this was like putting a band aid on a massive open wound. I still had faith so I applied the product.

Thin Botanicals - Body Wraps for Weight Loss - $39.99 

It is suggested you wear the patch for 6-8 hours for the optimal benefit and it must be applied to clean dry skin.  The Thin Botanical Body Wrap for weight loss is not uncomfortable but it's noticeable on. Plus if you are as round as I am the edges tend to bunch up on the sides. It might have been my imagination but to me if felt like the product warmed up when applied to to the skin. Not hot just warm.

I wore the product for exactly 8 hours and peeled off slowly. There was no issue in the removal and it came off clean and easy with no residue left on the skin. The question of the day however is did the product really work. The answer is sort of, while I did not have a noticeable difference like some other users might have. I did notice my pants were not at tight. Which to me is the true test of a weight loss product working. Knowing that my pants were not as tight as before made me want to use the product again in conjunction with working out to see how much more I could lose. In my book that is the best weight loss solution I could ask for. The desire to want to do a little more to see how much better I could look.

Have you tried Thin Botanicals Body Wraps? What did you think?

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