Product Review: Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron
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Friday, November 14, 2014
By Aimee
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* This review was made possible by a sample received from iFabbo Shops, all opinions are my own*

Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron - $129.99
Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron - $129.99

Thanks so the wonderful people over at iFabbo I received a Voloom Volumizing Iron from their iFabbo Shops. What is Voloom you ask, it is a revolutionary new hair tool that banishes flat hair forever. Unlike irons that curl or straighten, Voloom is the first ever heat styling tool specifically designed to add dramatic volume to any hairstyle. Voloom creates hidden layers of support and texture beneath the visible top layers of your hair style for volume that can last for days.

Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron - $129.99

For $129.95 you receive everything in the photo above. It's a nice package for $129.95 definitely a great price point. It must be stated that Voloom contains a heat protective ionic technology and patented ceramic coated plates. The technology that went into this product not only adds volume but protects the hair from heat damage.

Hair Before

Using Voloom is super easy:

1. Start with dry hair. I apply a heat protect whenever I am using any type of heat tool on my hair but make sure your hair is completely dry before using Voloom you don't want a crispy under coat. 

2. Section out your hair using the Voloom provided clips. I played with the sections a lot depending on the hair style I was tryng to do. If I'm leaving my hair loose I start about 2-3 inches away from the hair line and about two section down. This keeps the extra texture I'm creating less noticeable. 

3. DO NOT SLIDE THIS IRON THROUGH YOUR HAIR LIKE A FLAT IRON!!! I cannot stress this enough. This product is not a flat iron you will clip the hair in between the ceramic plates near your scalp or closer to where you need that extra bump in volume. Never drag this iron through your hair. 

4. Have fun, the more crimped layers you create the bigger the volume result. 

In Process

In the above photo I used Voloom closer to the front of my hair line so I could get a good photo. 


I know you can see the crimped pattern on this after photo but that's because I went volume crazy. I am a bit more reserved when using this product now.  :) I am in love with this iron, Voloom is by far one of the best hair tools I have reviewed in a long time and I am thankful to the people over at iFabbo for allowing the chance to try it out.  Voloom is well loved in this house. 

Have you tried Voloom? What are your thoughts?



P.S. if you head over to the Voloom site now they are offering a 30 day risk free trial.

P.P.S if you follow dBeauty Junkie on InstaGram you will see more photos of hairstyles I create using the Voloom. Including my sought after high bun.

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Jennifer - can't wait to check out the hairstyles you create with this.

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