Review: Eylure London False Lashes
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015
By Aimee
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* This post is sponsored by Eylure, all reviews/opinions are my own*

Thanks to the wonderful people over at Eylure London for sending over a press sample of their new Enchanted lashes and their famous Naturals lashes.

Eylure London

Eylure is a huge UK brand that is known for the multiple lash lines. Yes lines everything from Vegas Nay's own line to natural lashes to gorgeous dramatic pieces to costume lines. This is your one stop lash love shop. They also carry lash accessories such as glues and curlers to products for your brows. I'm glad Eylure reached out to introduce me to their amazing products. I'm pretty sure they have just unleashed the beast. 

When I received these lashes in the mail I was so excited. You all know how much I love and collect false lashes. I have two entire storage drawers devoted to lashes. I am always happy to add to my growing addiction. I thought it was very smart of Eylure to send me these gateway lashes of a naturals pair and a pair of the newest Enchanted line. The lashes come with a lash glue (the naturals even come with an applicator) but I refrain from using the included glue. I always prefer to use my usual eyelash glue since my eyes are very sensitive I rather not risk a bad reaction. 


Eylure - Naturals No.015 £4.95
Eylure - Naturals No.015 £4.95
In my opinion these lashes would be fabulous for someone that has sparse lashes and is looking to get a bit more from their everyday. On me these lashes virtually disappeared. No one could really tell I had them on and while that is the point of naturals I like seeing a bit of difference when I go through the effort of putting on a pair. I would absolutely use No. 015 on my clients, but I would pass on personal use. 
Eylure - Enchanted - Poise £5.25
Eylure - Enchanted - Poise £5.25

The Eylure Enchanted Collection is sadly limited edition but features four variations of lashes:

Be the belle of the ball with this beautifully full and dark lash.  The diffused tips add length and volume; the perfect lash to complement any ballroom gown.
Cast a spell with this longer, textured lash. Flirty, chic and versatile, Eylure’s Grace Lashes will allow you to radiate confidence both day and night while maintaining a polished, natural finish.
Guaranteed to sweep Prince Charming of his feet, the angled finish and fuller outer edge add extra definition, a dreamlike quality and a touch of drama to any makeup routine.
Light, subtle and sweet textured, Eylure’s Poise Lashes are the ultimate in natural beauty.  Delicate, yet hassle-free they are perfect for any day time adventure.
As you can see from the photos I received Poise. The most subtle and natural looking of the three options. Follow me on IG to see how well Poise looks when paired with enchanting makeup looks. :)
I love how natural the lashes look they are not very long but give me a nice pop of volume while giving me a doll look. They apply easily and are so comfortable and light to wear. 

In the end while these are not extremely dramatic lashes they are perfect for every day wear. They look and feel gorgeous. These lashes are worth every penny and the long trip from the UK here. I'm going to pick up the Vegas Nay collection when funds permit as those lashes look very interesting. 

Have you tried Eylure London lashes? What should I pick up next? 

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