Review: Gillette Venus Swirl & Gift Card Giveaway #NewVenusSwirl
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Monday, March 23, 2015
By Aimee
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*This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Gillette Venus, all opinions/reviews are my own*

Thanks so the amazing people over at SheSpeaks I was able to snag the newest in shaving technology. Meet the new Gillette Venus Swirl. This brand new product features the new proprietary FlexiBall™ technology which offers a totally unique movement like no other in the male or female razor on the market. Venus Swirl™ is the first and only razor with the FlexiBall™, moving in multiple directions to navigate all of the tricky areas of a woman’s body. It helps to shave those hard-to-reach places and capture hairs that other razors might miss.

Gillette Venus Swirl with 2 Cartridges - $11.47 Walmart

I shave every other day I love the feeling of smooth legs, I have waxed on a few occasions but I find it difficult to wait the necessary amount of time needed to be able to wax. There is just this awesome feeling when you first shave your legs with   a brand new razor that is just perfect. The problem I have is as a woman my legs have all these bumps and curves I am constantly kicking this or that. It's maddening, until I tried the new Gillette Venus Swirl the FlexiBall allows the razor to just glide over the bumps and grooves of my legs so I get the closest shave I have ever gotten. Pesky knee and ankle hairs and other tricky areas are no match for Venus Swirl’s new Microfine Comb and five Contour™ Blades. Combined with FlexiBall™ movement, Venus Swirl™ moves like no other razor for flawless skin.

Gillette Venus Swirl with 2 Cartridges - $11.47 Walmart
Gillette Venus Swirl with 2 Cartridges - $11.47 Walmart
Gillette Venus Swirl with 2 Cartridges - $11.47 Walmart

The FlexiBall isn't the only new addition on the Venus Swirl. It is also the first Venus razor to feature Gillette’s most advanced blade technology, with five Contour™ blades that cut hair at lower cutting force and have thinner, finer edges — the thinnest in Gillette’s history. The Contour™ blades individually adjust to a woman’s every curve and contour. This is by far the closest shave I have ever gotten. Every time I use this razor it feels like the first time. 

In addition to the amazing FlexiBall and the advanced blade technology can we talk about the gorgeous purple color? I am a huge fan of the color pink but that purple is giving me some good vibes. The handle is translucent and combines a swirled pattern with an ergonomic gripping design for outstanding control and easy handling for optimal maneuverability over the knees and ankles. 

Gillette Venus Swirl with 2 Cartridges - $11.47 Walmart
Gillette Venus Swirl with 2 Cartridges - $11.47 Walmart
Gillette Venus Swirl with 2 Cartridges - $11.47 Walmart

In addition to the razor I received the Venus with a touch of Olay Olay® VioletSwirl™ shave gel with 5x more moisturizers*. Which worked so amazingly well with the razor. It smells wonderful and doesn't clog the razor with unnecessary gunk. 

Gillette Venus Swirl with 2 Cartridges - $11.47 Walmart

For information on the new Gillette Venus Swirl please check out the twitter hashtag: #NewVenusSwirl or the Facebook page:  Make sure to check out their twitter: @GilletteVenus@Walmart or the Website: 

SheSpeaks and Walmart are giving my readers a chance to try out the new Gillette Venus Swirl razor from Walmart. Enter your information below for a chance to win a $20 Walmart Gift Card: 

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Please note this giveaway if for US Residents only, if you win you MUST provide your name, email and mailing address. NONE of which will be given out or shared with anyone except the people at SheSpeaks for prize fullfillment. They are also not allowed to use your information for any other purpose than sending your prize. 

Thanks to Gillette Venus, Walmart and SheSpeaks for sponsoring this post and providing the prize to the winner.

Have you tried the new Gillette Venus Swirl? What did you think of the shave, let me know in the comments.

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Bert - I'm assuming the hardest part would be the backside of the legs
Leigh Anne Borders - The hardest part for my is the backside of my legs. I really like the flexiball.
Soha MOlina - The hardest part for me is the knee and around it. The contour blades can help that.
Leidy Ruiz - Shaving knees and ankles are the hardest. Thanks for the chance to win

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