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Sunday, November 30, 2014
By Aimee
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Have you ever heard of a program called, Influenster?  Influenster is a product testing site where you fill out short surveys to earn badges depending on your interests – based on your badges and level of activity on the site, you may be chosen to receive what is called a “Vox Box”.  A Vox Box is a box that has a handful of different items from different brands all relating to some sort of theme. Each box costs you nothing and you do not need to do anything special to earn a Vox Box other than remain active on the site and try and earn as many badges as you can. You earn badges by reviewing products on the webpage and on various other platforms that are required depeding on the brand/product. It only takes a few minutes and if you have a YouTube and/or blog that helps the process along.  There is even an Influenster app to help. 

When you qualify to receive a Vox Box then you will be notified via email.  Once you receive the Vox Box then you should record a video of you opening and going through the box and share it on YouTube.  You can then spend the next few weeks trying out the products and sharing your thoughts and experiences on all your social media sites. Some of the products you receive are brand new on the market and you are the first to try them, which is pretty cool. Every box I have received is like Christmas you never know what will be inside the next VoxBox but you know your going to have fun finding out. 

Now why aren't you on Influenster again?

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